Why travelling is so important in your twenties

There are few things more exciting than setting off to a new destination. There’s nothing quite like taking that first step in a place you’ve never been before. Whether you’re flying across the world or getting to know your own country, it’s always a thrill.

Travelling and exploring new places is great, no matter what age you are. Travelling in your twenties, however, should be mandatory. And here’s why…

It’ll open your mind

New cultures, new people, new weather, new styles and (most importantly) new food. You’ll have conversations with people who’ve led completely different lives. You’ll sample a culture you’ve never been a part of. You’ll start to see things from a completely unique perspective. And that’s important when you’re only just starting to grow up.

You’ll realise how much bigger the world is

Many twenty-somethings make the mistake of believing that the world is limited to their immediate surroundings. They get so caught up in their own headspace that they forget just how big the world really is. Once you get out there and see how large this planet is, you realise that there’s so much more to life than the petty little dramas of everyday life.

It’ll make you more interesting

New experiences give you new stories. You won’t just be the person at the party talking about what you do for a living. You’ll be able to recount your adventures and tell people about your journeys (whether they were good or bad). Just don’t be one of those people who goes on about that one time in Prague.

You’ll discover new interests

If you live in a hot and dry country, you may not know that you’re really good at snowboarding. If you live far from the ocean, you may not realise how amazing you can be on a surfboard. If you live in the big city,you may not understand the joys of living out in the country. As you travel, you’ll find so many new interests. That’s why it’s important to get out there and try everything when you’re in a new place.

So, if you haven’t already, get out your luggage sets and go on a new adventure. You never know what you’ll find out there. Even if you hate the place, it will be an experience that shapes you.

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