Why travel to Cape Town during festive season

No one wants to deal with the traffic and noise and rushing that happens during the Festive Season. For all our talk of holidays, it sometimes results in being some of the busiest times of the year for many of us. Instead of travelling to colder, more busy areas, we should consider the wonders of South Africa itself.



The advantages we have is that South Africa is in the southern hemisphere during the Festive Season: this means blue skies, blooming flowers and beautiful, hot evenings. As the country has just emerged from its more wet seasons, you can expect lush gardens and fields through its more rural areas.

These warm days also make it ideal for families to travel. Consider just Cape Town; it has been the centre of much praise: just recently, National Geographic named it the second best beach city in the world; Travel+Leisure named the city one of top destinations to travel to in 2015; but this is unsurprising, given that in 2014, the city was given the number one spot in “places to go, by the New York Times.

Families can travel to Cape Town knowing not only that they’ll experience beautiful weather, but a variety of activities. For example, they can check into a hotel in Greenpoint, travel to the V&A Waterfront, visit the Planetarium.

If you are fed up with travelling, you could also consider other more creative projects such as “art jamming, located at the Waterfront, too. Here, you and the kids are given a canvas and paint to do what you like. It’s fun for everyone and no skills are required – only fun.

The sunny weather makes it ideal for kids to be outdoors; that’s where “Kidz Get Wild “comes in, which is “a fun, safe & inspiring camp. They are located just outside of Cape Town – this lets you and your partner off the hook to enjoy times in the major areas without having to worry about the kids themselves. Kidz Get Wild cater for kids from grades 1 – 7, with one guardian for every five kids. They offer more than eighty different types of activities to keep the kids busy.

All of this is possible because the weather is perfect for outdoor play and discovery – for everyone. Christmas doesn’t need to be cold or miserable or busy, as you lock down at home and wait for the cold to pass. South Africa offers all sorts of wonderful activities, fit for everyone; Cape Town, in particular, due to its popularity and awards, should be your first choice of destination.

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