What to pack in your car emergency kits for the holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to travel. Of course, everyone has the same idea as you and will be using the roads, too. Further, the roads are known to be more dangerous this time of year – so it’s incredibly important that you prepare yourself and your vehicle in the best way possible, to prevent accidents and the lower the chances of bad things happening to you or your loved ones.

One good way to do that is to take stock of what you’re packing into your emergency kit. This is a kit specifically containing those necessary tools and items that can help you better respond to any situations that arise, which could be challenging for you as a driver and road-user.

As American Automobile Association (AAA)’s Tom Crosby told BankRate “A car emergency kit is designed to help you survive until help arrives.At some point, you might require roadside assistance, in which case having access to your phone and your phone being charged could mean that this is the most important inclusion in your kit. Indeed, BankRate notes, a charged cellphone could make all the difference. Perhaps keeping an emergency car charge set, which plugs into USB ports or the car lighter, might be your best option.

Very often the most striking accident is the sudden failure of tires: this can be a puncture or it simply being worn down with our notice. This leaves us with a flat tire, which can be incredibly dangerous and, when continued to be driven on, incredibly damaging to the car. Lifehacker suggests that the obvious inclusion in your emergency kit should be a spare tire.

“[You need a] spare tire (in good condition), along with a tire jack and tire iron, because without them or someone else to help you, the spare tire is useless. Here’s how to change a tire, in case you need a refresher. Also, if your wheels require a special security key, make sure that’s always in your car too.

They also suggest having easy access to important documents within reach. “[Have] a business card for your auto repair shop… and car insurance claim forms should also be stored in your glove compartment.This makes it easier on yourself and for whomever will be taking over your car’s repairs.

There are plenty of items, however, that range from required to suggested and it’s hard to keep track of it. So, before you go on a journey, maybe use this handy checklist – this prevents you getting caught out, has all the items you need, and makes it easy for you to prevent being lazy and forgetting – since you should only tick if you have the items on hand.

This is all about being safe at a time when the roads are the least safe, so we can have a great, relaxed holiday.


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