Walking Holidays in Ireland

Image Source: www.govisitireland.com

Many travel companies offer a hiking/walking holiday in Ireland. Walking tours offer the best way to see the countryside. Many tours include packages that include flight, accommodation and a tour guide. Some tours offer self-guided tours along with guided tours. Depending on your budget or call for adventure, a self-guided walking holiday in Ireland is often cheaper. If you want to do it all alone, you can get detailed maps of Ireland and read about other peoples trips.

Trips typically last about one week, but there are shorter options (between four and five days) as well as longer options (1,500 mile trails) for those seeking adventure. There are twenty-five Ways that combine for 1,525 miles of trails. The routes themselves are generally free of crowds and the terrains range from towpath walk to mountain circuits. For the most part, the paths are suitable for any reasonably fit human being and do not require experience with climbing or navigation. The trails seldom climb above 1,000 feet in altitude and are well-marked with yellow arrows and a walking man.

Taking a map adds enjoyment and allows the walker to notice historical landmarks during their trip. Be sure to bring proper shoes (hiking boots) as well as camping equipment, and first aid supplies if you go alone. Keep in mind Irelands weather which can be finicky and make sure to bring a flashlight and to wear reflective clothes if walking at night. Be safe while walking on the roads which are part of the Ways which can often be busy. Most tour groups will carry the essentials and provide meals. If you travel on your own and wish to skip some of the Ways, buses and trains offer a way to skip some miles in between your walking.