Vacation Spending Dont Take Cash, Take Travelers Checks

Many people prefer to take cash on vacation or when traveling because it is easy to use, and most places will accept cash before any other payment method. The down side of using cash when traveling is that it can also easily be lost or stolen. Most travel experts and insurance companies recommend that travelers use travelers checks , instead, because of their many benefits.

Easy to Buy

Travelers checks are easy to find and can be purchased from many private companies, banks, insurance companies and travel agencies. You must purchase the checks in person and will be required to present ID. You will also be asked to sign the back of each check. If more than one person will be using them, you will need to bring him or her along to sign them as well.

Easy to Use

Travelers checks can be used the same way cash and other checks are used. Most locations and businesses will have a sticker or sign that states if they do or do not accept travelers checks as a form of payment. If may be a good idea to ask about this policy ahead of time before you shop or attempt to make plans.

Can be Refunded

If your checks are lost or stolen, you can file a claim and attempt to get a refund. You will need to contact the business or company you purchased them from and file the claim through them. You will also need to answer any questions they ask and provide necessary information that they request.

Travelers checks are a convenient way to keep your money safe during your travels. Consider using them on your next vacation.