Unique Ways to Get Paid to See the World

Photo: 123rf

Travel is expensive. Even if you scour sites like Travelzoo or Shermans for an amazing vacation deal, very few of us can actually afford to travel the globe in style, unless, of course, you get paid to travel. If you want to embark on a new career that will enable you to explore the world and get paid for it, here are several unique opportunities worth considering.

1. Historical ship crewman

The Columbus Foundation is a really cool group that sails replicas of Columbus ships around the globe. You can join the crew of the Nina or the Pinta and sail to various ports of call, where you can interact with the media and the public. If you have a passion for history and dont get seasick, this could be a fun career!

2. International courier

Its hard to get these kinds of positions, but there are many high-powered companies that would rather trust an individual than a shipping company to act as a courier. Whether it is documents or packages, some companies will pay for your international travel in exchange for transporting sensitive and confidential documents.

3. Fixer/location scout

A fixer is a person who acts as a local guide for a travel program, while a location scout helps a film production team find the perfect place to shoot scenes in a movie. If youre interested in film or TV, this career path is a great way to see the most beautiful places on earth.

4. Green thumb travelers

A green thumb traveler is someone who pays their travel costs by working on a farm. If you dont mind picking a few apples or shearing a few sheep, you can travel to places like New Zealand or Argentina. One organization worth checking out is WWOOF, which helps willing travelers sync up with organic farms that provide room and board in exchange for work.

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