Underwater Hotel Will Make Dubai the Only Place Worth Visiting

Dubai already gives travelers plenty of reasons to visit. Its home to the worlds tallest building and the worlds tallest residential-only building. It even has the worlds biggest mall. All of those things are interesting, but, if Dubai follows through with plans to build the worlds largest underwater hotel, no one will ever have reason to travel anywhere else. Vacation will equal Dubai. It will be that cool.

The Water Discus Hotel

A Polish company named Deep Ocean Technology designed the hotel, calling it the Water Discus because its design is primarily based on two large discs. One of those discs is above the water. The other, according to current plans, will be 10 meters underwater.

The above-water disc is actually pretty cool. Everyone knows, however, that its the underwater section that will attract the most attention and the highest prices. Those with enough money to afford an underwater room will get to choose between 21 doubles. The underwater disc will also have a bar and a dive center.

Safety Concerns

Once the magical appeal of staying in an underwater hotel wears off, most people will start to wonder whether this idea is actually safe. Couldnt an earthquake or big storm demolish the hotel, letting water rush into the high-priced cabins?

It seems that most of the safety concerns have already been addressed. In fact, the above-water disc has been designed so that it can detach from the rest of the hotel. Its not only detachable, but buoyant. It could literally serve as a giant lifeboat that would swim along until the disaster subsided.

Why Dubai?

Dubai isnt the only place that has used the underwater hotel concept to attract visitors. The Jules Undersea Lodge, located in Key Largo, Florida, is much closer for American travelers. Neither it nor other hotels with underwater suites come close to matching the size and sophistication of the Water Discuss hotel.

Assuming that the hotel actually gets built, it will become one of many good reasons to visit Dubai. Unfortunately, those who come for an underwater stay might find themselves too captivate to explore the rest of the emirate.