Travelling to Tokyo

Image Source: This Beautiful Day

Tokyo, probably one of the most modern cities in the world and capital of Japan, is a great place to travel to for leisure or business. With a population of over 35 million people and the best technology in the world available from not of the notch mobile phones to incredibly fast public transportation systems- it is definitively a great place to visit.

In order to visit Japan you will require a valid passport and maybe a Visa. Check with your travel agency or local embassy if you do need one. Local currency is the yen and there are several money exchange places around the city and in the airport. Most credit cards are welcomed, although checks are usually not accepted. Most important signs are in Japanese and English also, but have in mind not all Japanese people speak English fluently.

Hotels range from luxurious first class places -in either western or Japanese style- to the midrange business hotels, to the no-frills budget hotels including the uniquely Japanese capsule hotels. There are many local-style resorts and facilities (such as the Ryokan) that will make your stay in the capital of The Land of the Rising Sun (as Japan is also known) an incredible experience.

Please have in mind that accommodations in Tokyo will be your major expense and should not be considered lightly, since it will ultimately determine the quality and length of your holiday. Always consider accommodations within walking distance of a major train/subway station for easy and convenient transit access around the city.

Finally, it is quite recommendable to study the Tokyo streets and transit maps prior to arrival, it will help you greatly during your trip. A key recommendation for effective travel planning in Tokyo will be selecting a good hotel near a train/subway station: that way you can always travel to different places such as tourist attractions and shopping malls while enjoying a great sightseeing experience.