Traveling Tips to Keep You Safe

Image Source: Roamaroo

Going on vacation is fun, but there are many safety hazards to consider before you leave home. One of the common problems is staying in motels that arent as clean or sanitary as they should be. Dont let the bed bugs bite when you are staying overnight at a lodging facility by following these simple suggestions.

Research the Hotels

Before leaving home, look at the hotels you plan on staying at along the way. One way that you dont let the bed buts bite is by looking up each hotels reported cases of these critters. Websites like will tell you if the hotel you are going to stay at has had any reported incidences of bed bug infestations in recent months or years.

Inspect the Room

Bring a flashlight with you to inspect the room before you decide to settle in. Check around the mattresses, the box springs, the corners of the room, and the nooks and crannies. Look for tiny pieces of fecal matter, unhatched eggs, living or dead bed bugs, and other signs of an infestation. If you see anything like that, find another lodging facility to stay at.

Prevent Bed Bugs from Hitching a Ride

In addition to making sure you dont let the bed bugs bite, you should also take precautions to keep them from coming with you after you leave. You can do this by using a special travel protection kit that will keep them out of your luggage. The kit typically includes luggage liners, a travel cover for your pillow and a laundry bag that keeps them out of your clothes.

These tips will help prevent the bed bugs from ruining your summer vacation and creating horrible memories that you will want to forget.