Traveling by Car? Heres How to Save Money on Fuel

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One of the best things about summer time is the road trips. Sure, its much faster getting to your destination by plane, but traveling by car is more fun because you can gaze at the beautiful scenery along the way. Its also a great bonding experience with whoever you go with. But it can also be expensive with gas prices as high as they are. Here are some ways to save money on fuel so you can stay within your budget when traveling by car.

Get a Tune Up

A couple weeks before you leave on your road trip, you should get a tune up on the vehicle that you will be driving. A tune up will help you save money on fuel because it keeps your vehicle running and operating efficiently. This can also be helpful because it gives you a chance to look for any other potential problems that you could run into when you are out on the open road.

Avoid Drive Thrus

One of the diet staples when traveling by car across the country is going to fast food places. Instead of going inside, you can just pull up to the window, place your order, pay for it and be on your way. But waiting in the drive thru line can decimate your gas mileage. Letting your car idle for several minutes burns fuel and you arent even going anywhere at the time. Instead, turn off your vehicle, get out and go inside to get your order. Youll save money on fuel and youll get an opportunity to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

Keep the Tires Full

Driving on tires that are not full of air can reduce your gas mileage and cause you to spend more on your trip overall. Before leaving on your road trip, check the tire pressure and add air if necessary. You should also check the pressure each morning before starting a new leg of your journey just to be sure you are optimizing your gas mileage.

Use Your Cruise Control

When you are driving on an open highway with no traffic, let your cruise control do the driving. Keeping your vehicle at a steady pace will help you save money on fuel because you arent speeding up and slowing down. If there are hills and windy roads, however, turn off the cruise control so you can keep the speed at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Traveling by car on a long road trip can produce a lifetime of fond memories. But if you arent careful with the fuel usage, you could also rack up the charges on your gas card that will take a lifetime to pay off. Be smart and save money on fuel so you can use your money for something thats more fun during your vacation.