Traveling Around The World On The Cheap

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So you didnt hit the big Mega Millions lottery or are privy to Donald Trumps moolah to globetrot as first class as youd like to. Thats okay. You can still world travel on a shoestring and have just as fine a time as did someone who spent a small fortune seeing the same global sights. Know that many before you have traveled on a dime. Since theyve world traveled in the cheap seats as it were, they can clue you into what places to avoid, when and where to get the best cheap seats deals and what gear to pack to avoid overweight bag fees.

The best and known ways to globe trot on a budget are youth hostels and riding trains through the European countrysides. These deals come in packages and offer discounted train tickets. Deeper discounted package deals are found if you go off-season. The catch: many times, these deals are available to college students only. But this shouldnt stop a young married couple from doing the same legwork in looking for culture on the cheapskate route.

Get lots of advice and do a lot of homework online. If you dont ask youll run the risk of looking amazingly touristy and avail yourself to bigger scams in cheap Europe/Asia stays.

The least expensive way to travel on the cheap: Backpacking, Bohemian style. And, if you can arrange for a work study abroad programeven if youre not in collegeyou can still get as far away as Australia to globe trot over on the inexpensive route. Do a little digging, itll be a big payoff in the end.