Travel to Southern France

Fromage et vin Cheese and wine are not the only things that come to mind when thinking of France. Travel down to the city of Bordeaux or escape to the Dordogne Valley. Southern France has magnificent country side, timeless architecture and divine cuisine. Living in France with my family showed me the value and beauty of life. Below are three great places to visit if you are planning a vacation to Southern France.

Looking for city culture with some adventure? Stop in Bordeaux for a few nights. Dance along the river quays, take a shopping day down rue Sainte-Catherine , or visit the famous fountain, Monument aux Girodins . Bordeaux is a great city to head to a local cafe or visit a wine bar to enjoy a night out with friends or family.

La Dordogne Valley
History buff or castle lover? Travel to the Dordogne Valley to see medieval, historical and famous castles. Visit Josephine Bakers castle Les Milandes and learn about her singing career and life. Stop in Chateau de Castelnaud to learn about medieval times and fortresses. Another castle worth visiting is Chateau de Hautefort. This French chateau was featured in the movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore.

St. Emilion
Lover of wine? Im sure you have had a glass of wine from this small town in the Aquitane region of France. The history here goes back to prehistoric times, containing Romanesque churches, small cobble stone paths and a whole other world built under the ground by monks. Vineyards surround the quite little town and the underground cellars hold thousands of bottles of wine. Travel tip: Wear comfortable shoes if you are visiting here, some areas are difficult to get around.