Travel Advice For The Over 50s

Image Source: Saga

The kids are grown, in college and beginning loves of their own. Youve released your baby birds and have much time to travel and be with your sweetie of over thirty years. What a great way to spend a thirtieth wedding anniversary, or a just because I love you holiday for those in the middle years.

The surest way to get great travel advice: ask around. Many of the middle years peers belong to associations, leagues, clubs and guilds. Someone in that throng has to know of amazing travel plans made for them by their kids, gift from their kids and grandkids, if any, and they can inquire of the details not offered in the brochure of local customs, which waiter to ask for in the special caf recommended to them and which little shop to browse in when done in the eatery.

Those over fifty need to get themselves checked out, health-wise, when traveling. While their bodies were meant to age up to and past the century mark, whatever airborne illnesses are easily contracted, they can get it and fall ill almost immediately.And, those over fifty can fall prey to crime if theyre not careful. Many American tourists have reported of being mugged, robbed, assaulted and victims of identity theft while traveling overseas, but many, many more still havent reported these cases out of embarrassment, fear, shame or resignation. Pre-seniors need to be aware, alert in their having a good time, but know that crime doesnt take a vacation, even when travelers do.