Top Ways to Have the Best Lads or Ladies Getaways

Golden sunshine, white beaches, and plenty of cocktails a trip with your mates can be a great experience. Lots of us flock to short-haul destinations each year to get our groove on when the sun goes down and to recuperate outside the next day.
Popular destinations at the moment include Magaluf in Majorca, Zante in Greece and Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

Wherever youre headed with your friends, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to help you have the best trip possible. Ive been to a few places now so I thought Id share my knowledge with you; here are some of my top tips

Make sure you can afford it

Holidays arent exactly cheap, even with those great late deals. With many airlines youll find yourself paying extra for baggage and selected seats, so see if you can manage your trip only using hand luggage. When it comes to your accommodation, youll likely be looking for an apartment near the best clubs and bars, but dont compromise on your safety for a cheap bed. Youll want somewhere that has solid locks on the doors and a safe in the room for your cash and gadgets. For your travel money, look on comparison websites to see where youll be able to find the best deal. Either that or you can ask the bank of mum and dad to give you some extra euros

Watch out for hidden charges

Its worth noting that many apartment complexes will charge you a security deposit when you arrive. This is to protect themselves against damage or theft by occupants, so make sure you dont lose it by doing anything silly. It might be worth emailing the apartment operator before you arrive to see whether youll need to have this cash available, and how much it will be. Dont forget to collect your deposit when you leave or else youll be out of pocket!

Stay safe

Most destinations are pretty safe in themselves, but its important to keep your group close together so you can all take care of each other. When alcohol is involved, it can make a nights events change from happy to angry in a couple of seconds, so dont lose your head and get into trouble with other holidaymakers, bouncers or the police. Also, avoid going onto your balcony when you get back to your apartment after clubbing as sadly many people fall from theirs each year.

Watch what you eat

With no mum or dad to cook your meals, youll have to fend for yourself. Check that your hotel or apartment isnt listed on the holiday illness hotspots list on as this is a pretty good indicator of where you should avoid eating! Many places have fast food joints youll be familiar with, and there will be a choice to buffets too. Just make sure that there arent too many flies around and food being left uncovered. Otherwise you might need to go to a medical centre or pharmacy to get some medication, which isnt much fun when youre on holiday.