Top Five Surfing Destinations in the World

Surfing is one of the most dangerous and exciting sports on the planet today. Finding the best places to surf around the world can be a tricky and time consuming task, especially when you dont have the means to get around and check surf spots out first hand. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to spend a lifetime finding the perfect swell. Recently, a team of professional surfers was asked to create a list of their top 50 places to surf. Here are the top five best places to surf in the world according to these highly experienced surfing professionals.

The fifth best surf spot in the world rated by pro surfers is located right outside of San Francisco, California at Mavericks, California. Known as the home to the Wave of Legends, this destination forms breathtaking swells in upwards of 80 feet due to wild storms that form out in the middle of the sea. Only the most die-hard surfers attempt the true feat of conquering this wave, which can be reached only by boat or Jet Ski.

Superbanks on the Gold Coast of Australia is the fourth best destination for surfing in the world according to the pros. This spot is really amazing because it consistently produces some of the best and most perfect tubes and walls that surfers are always on the hunt for. Simply put, it is a surfers dream.

Taking the number three spot is Uluwatu and Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. This extraordinarily beautiful island attracts surfers of all abilities from all around the world. With perfect walls, easy access, amazing scenery and friendly locals, this destination is the perfect place for anyone to enjoy a surfing adventure.

Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa comes in at number two on the list of best surf spots in the world according to the pros. This highly sought-after surf destination offers some of the longest rides lasting more than 300 meters. The area also has a variety of breaks to choose from which can accommodate beginners and pros alike. The wide variety of waves makes this destination perfect for anybody and all ability levels to have nothing short of an amazing surfing experience.

The number one surf spot in the world is the Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii, which is where surfing was believed to be invented. This wave is the wave of all waves, and many surfers can only dream of riding it, according to the pros. With giant swells and perfect tubes, this surf spot is for seasoned professionals and experts only. Only few attempt to ride the Pipeline, and even fewer succeed at it.