Top Cruise Tips

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When traveling on a cruise, there are many tips you should keep in mind when planning and execute a successful vacation. First of all the most cost-efficient method of planning a cruise is to purchase insurance including cancellation and passenger protection features. Before leaving to go on your cruise, review your documents and call the airline (or go online) and look for flight information. To avoid any added stress, arrive at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of time. Most importantly, expect delays and long line, arriving early will avoid any stress of missing a flight.

Another time saver is to minimize the amount of carry on luggage you bring with you. It is probable they will be search, so be sure that items such as nail files, scissors, nail clippers are avoided). Also, keep liquids to a one bag minimum and less than 1 oz with each bottle to avoid losing your belongings. Also make sure your luggage is tagged with your name and address as well as any other contact information you provide. This will ensure greater ease within security lines.

When packing, make sure you put important medications that need to be taken while in travel in your carry on luggage. If anything happens with your checked bags, you will still have what you need. When passing through security, keep your passport, identification and/or e-ticket with you, not in your luggage. Some people become very anxious when they have to travel en route. Pre-cruise packages are available where you can arrive a day early before the cruise leaves so you are sure that you are there on time. Patience is most important in situations like this, ease your mind and sit back and relax. You’re in for a great cruise experience!! Enjoy.