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Top 3 unusual destinations for 2016

The world changes rapidly and this is clear when you consider which cities get nominated for awards. Cities that you might not have heard of one year become the major tourist destinations the next. Who could’ve predicted, before 2014, that Cape Town would be the New York Times’ number one destination, in its list of “Places to Go in 2014?

It’s now nearing the middle of 2016. We should now be asking what are the places to explore. Whether we’re staying in a hotel, or with family and friends, it’s important to consider where we should travel – if we’re able to.

South Africa

As we noted, Cape Town was the number choice for the Times in 2014. South Africa in general remains a key destination for many tourists, given the variety of places to explore. Whether it’s shark diving and fine dining in Cape Town or experiencing the wild of nature at the Kruger National Park, there’s enough variety for anyone.

Also, given the Dollar to Rand value, most foreign currency favours those from international locations. This means you can stay in such prestigious locations as the V&A Waterfront or Mount Nelson.


With America’s President Obama visiting Cuba, the island nation recently made the headlines again. Despite difficult international relations, most people still love the area. It has a timeless quality, in which so much of its culture seems locked into the 1960’s.

As GoBackpacking notes:

“You can get lost meandering the colorful streets amongst [Old Havana] fascinating architecture, but the best way to see Old Havana is on a roof terrace with a mojito in hand, admiring the views from above.


One of the most remarkable and surprising stories has to be Ireland. In 2015, it was the fastest growing economy in the EU. Furthermore, March 2016 is the centenary of the Irish Republic, so now is the best time to visit – as so much has been poured into the tourism coffers.

Ireland’s rich cultural heritage and gorgeous landscapes bring to mind all manner of poetry, too. It’s a key destination for anyone who loves the arts.

Instead of thinking of the usual destinations, made famous by Hollywood, we should consider all the other fascinating places in the world that demand our attention. If we’re able to travel to new places, why make it the same ones we always see on TV, instead of the genuinely fascinating places bursting with opportunities for magical experiences?


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