Top 10 tips For Disneyland Vacations

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So you’re packed and ready to go or at least in your dreams right? Before planning to jet off the runaway, keep these distinct tips in mind during your Disneyland vacation. Most importantly, choosing the right time to visit . This is vital to the overall success of your trip. Keep in mind the weather of the year and the likely crowds associated with these months (think school vacations and holidays). If you choose to visit during warm months, take every precaution to stay cool so to enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

Make sure you plan your days ahead of time. For example, the Extra Magic Hour, when 1 of the theme parks opens early for resort guests, will change the plans of a group quickly. Decide whether you will visit that park early in the morning, if not, I advise you stay away the rest of the day to ensure greater success in getting as much done in a day as possible. Keep crowds in mind; get there early andtake breaks in the afternoons when things are most busy, and in warm months, the warmest time of the day. Use a Fast pass ; this will ensure you no wait and for us impatient visitors, this is perhaps the most important aspect of your planned trips.

To keep your day steady, bring drinks to help you save money at the park. If it’s warm, you will be especially thirsty; keeping one’s self hydrated is important to ensure your safety from heatstroke. When you are eating out for the day, scout buffet bargains in various locations within the park, this can allow you to hold off eating till later when you can sit for a more reasonable rate. When dining later, plan ahead and make reservations. This will ensure a guaranteed table at your dining choice. Lastly, take advantage of transportation provided on the premises, so to allow your body to rest up throughout the day, so you’re ready to go at it again tomorrow!!