Tips to Help With Jetlag

Image Source: Google Images

As most of us know jetlag is the side effect that we get after we have passed over into a different time zone. But why does it happen? Often this happens because our body doesnt properly adjust to the change in light or dark and confuses our body. How can we reduce the effects or the chances of jetlag altogether? There are a few tips that can be very effective in reducing the side effects of jetlag.

Before your journey across a time zone be sure you have gotten plenty of sleep. Sounds a little silly, but if you will be awake at the times you are normally sleeping you can trick your body into switching time zones with little chances of confusion. Dont over do your first day at your destination. Its a good idea to get adequate sleep at your destination as well.

Odds are your flight is going to be long. When your on the plane get up, wiggle it and jiggle it. Try not to stay in your seat the whole time you are on the plane. By keeping your body moving on occasion you keep the blood flowing and this also cuts down possible side effects of jetlag.

If it is at all a possibility try to arrive in the different time zone during daylight hours. This way by the time your body realizes its schedule is off you will be ready to get some much needed and appreciated shut eye anyway. Basically what you are trying to do is re-trick your body into thinking it is still in the normal time zone!

Keep the fluids running rapidly into your body and not with alcoholic beverages! By drinking you are keeping your body hydrated. Especially after you have landed. It is normal for you to feel dehydrated after landing. It is a better idea to drink water, juice, and any other non-carbonated drinks.