Tips For Women Traveling Alone

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Every Sheila (another term for female) needs alone time to rejoice, recharge and reset their perspectives, so she takes a vacation to settle the nerves. Its best, though, for every gal traveling solo to remain alert, calm and level headed if something does go afoul.

The rules that apply for her being alone in the United States should apply when traveling, too.

Stay calm. Keep to well-lit, familiar areas. Know how to fight back in self-defense if that needs to happen. Keep your keys in a fist when going for your car. Keep your dress reasonably modest, especially if youre going to the Middle Eastern locales. If you must travel alone internationally, leave a copy of your itinerary and passport with loved ones, leave home nonessentials like jewelry and other electronics and DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOU ARE TRAVELING ALONE! Let the hotel desk clerk where you will be and where youre going. Once there, get acquainted with the proprietor and the business practices they hold to.

You Super-Glued yourself to these rules and you have to shake a skeavy-looking lad trailing you? Take out your cell phone and pretend to call your boyfriend, then call the authorities. Get inside a business and stay there until he leaves, or go to another venue and stand close to another guy you see standing there. Hes still trailing you? Tuck into a ladies room and get the police on your phone as soon as possible. If youre in public and hes following you, jump into the nearest taxi to drive you back to your hotel. Do anything you can to get this person away from you, but through all this, do not panic or lose control. In cases like this where a woman traveling solo did find herself in a bad way, she panicked. Stalkers can sense panic from you as dogs and bees can and do, so if you feel like youre being tailed, make sure you have a game plan to executeand DO that.

And, when you get out from under that jam, dont travel alone next time. Its not worth the risk.