Tips For Walking Holidays

Image Source: The Telegraph

For starters, get good walking shoes. And, not to sound crude, but it truly helps to start walking to gear your body and mind for the endurance needed to handle a walking holiday.

A walking holiday is just that: You walk everywhere. To the shops, restaurants, sites, parks and gardens, and even when you get to the sites, youre still walking. Plan to hydrateand plan for good bathroom access when thatll inevitably be needed.

But I preface this when saying its mighty helpful to walk in training prior to a walking holiday. You wont see as much if youre out of shape, winded and overtaxing your body it truly wasnt prepared for. And, youd only be lagging your group behind and making it a poorer holiday for all involved. Best bet: Walk regularly to ready yourself for the holiday.

Now the body and mind are ready for the sites and strolls, London, New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco are great sites for walking holidays. San Fran is a hilly venue to visit Fishermans Wharf, to check out Oaklands BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system, and the citysand Americas firstChinatown. In New York, where most of the Gothamites walk as a rule anyway, Walking holidays can consist of seeing the citys churches (St. John the Divine on 5th Ave. and 13th Street; St. Patricks on 5th Ave/53rd Streets; and St. John the Episcopal on 5th Ave/110th Streets) to sticking to one venue of museum (the Museum of Natural Historys massive gallery is impossible to cover in one day, so plan for a several days visit of that spot).

Londons Harrods and Picadilly Circus are two venues to visit but plan on being on your feet for long hours. And, touring Big Ben, Kensington Palace (Buckingham Palace, where the Queen resides and works, isnt open for tours after September 11th) and the changing of the guard at the Palace, and waiting in line for a cinema are a few highlights of the walking tours. Americas capital offers the Washington Monument, Capital Hill, views of the Potomac River and White House toursbut these are restricted. Check for times and hours for this venue.