Tips for Taking Holiday Photos

Image Source: Pinterest

When you are on a vacation or holiday, and want to make sure you get great pictures, plan in advance and use these tips.

Digital or No?

Having a digital camera may be a more expensive purchase, but if you will only keep the photos on your computer, you will not have to pay any developing costs. Even if you wish to print out the pictures, you will not have to pay for rolls of film. However, keep in mind you will need a lot of storage space if you wish to take pictures on a longer vacation. The size of the memory card you need depends on the amount of mega pixels in the photograph. Using a digital camera can also save space in your luggage when packing. If you just want to get snapshots of yourselves and the sights, then a point and shoot camera is all you need. If you are interested in getting serious shots while sightseeing you may want to consider an SLR, which requires a bigger lens that can be bulky in luggage. Traditional 35mm cameras are generally cheaper and simpler.

Using the Sun

When taking pictures, make sure you have the sun behind you for the highest-quality photos. If you are in shade, you may wish to use the flash, but keep in mind the flash will only travel so far. Digital cameras, especially the newer ones, have specific settings for the time of day and the sun light that is available.

What speed film should you use?

Film with an ISO of 100 will provide the best picture in the most sunlight, but if you will be in shadows or will take pictures at night, an ISO of 400 is the most versatile. Some digital cameras allow you to change the ISO.