Tips for going on safari

There are a number of things to look out for when thinking about exploring the African continent. Traveling through the wild, spotting a lion and perhaps even feeding an elephant are good stories to tell. However, these stories can take a turn for the worst if you don’t have the right gear out in the bush.


What to wear


Looking the part of going on a safari trip makes it much more appealing. Choose neutral colored clothes. Preferably opt for light and airy materials. Depending on the time of year, you might need to layer your clothing. Go to the store and pick up khaki pants, tan coloured T-shirts and a long sleeve button up shirt to cover up in the hot sun. The khaki will allow you to blend in with the surrounding area. You might not find use for a long sleeve shirt, but it will keep you warm during the early morning sun and late evenings when it’s a  bit colder.


Protect your feet


There will be a game ranger who will accommodate you on your tour and might take you on bush walks. This is when you’ll go out tracking for animals on foot. You’ll learn about the plants and insects. During this exploration time you need to wear protective boots. You might find a snake on your walk and wearing sneakers or flip flops aren’t ideal for such an encounter.


Bug spray is a must have


During the day the bugs might not be an issue, however, they can become quite pesky at night. They are everywhere at night and to avoid getting bitten by tiny insects it’s best to put bug spray in your luggage. This also depends on the season you’re going on safari, but it’s good to come prepared just in case. Look into getting after bite type medicine to remove the itch. Spending the rest of your trip scratching will take you away from the wonderful outdoor experience.


Don’t forget your binoculars


You’ll regret not having binoculars. Often the animals are pretty far away from your vehicle and most of the time your guide won’t be able to go off road to get closer. You’ll also want your binoculars to get a closer look at the surrounding bird life. You’ll be able to have a better view of birds.

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