Tips for getting cheap car hire

Image Source: Money Saving Expert

So, you are in the mood for something a little different, romantic maybe, or just a night out with your best buddies. Money a little tight? Just because you are not rolling in the dough does not mean you have to sacrifice quality and experience. Especially when it comes to getting a rental car. It actually doesnt matter if you get a beautiful limousine or an SUV from a rental agency. If you are looking for some fun on the town and spend as little as possible then start by comparing rates online with different companies of your choice.

The best rates you will get are with a rental is during the week. Mainly because most people prefer to go out on the town on a weekend. Making it much easier for a company to overcharge on the weekends. Also making them willing to cut down the price during the week in order to just get the vehicle used. No matter what your plans are for getting a limo or rental car odds are you can do it during the week. Most cover charges for the clubs are usually cheaper and they are less crowded. As you can see how you have the potential to save a nice chunk of change on your rental you now have more to spend on your special night out and about.

Try to keep your booking of a vehicle as far as possible away from a holiday and holiday weekends. This is another time when prices can almost double because of the high demand. When something is in high demand most people will pay almost anything to get it. If you absolutely must have your experience during a holiday make your reservations as early as possible. Most companies will overcharge you the closer it gets to the day you need.