Tips for family holidays

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Plan Ahead

This may sound redundant and ridiculous, but the most important this is to make plans in advance. While you may not get the good deals on cheap flights until later, it is important to make sure all of your schedules fit with a specific date.

Keep Everyone Enticed

When going on a trip with younger folk, make sure they will be entertained as well. Not every place will be like Disney World, but a vacation should suit everyone. Disney does offer family travel deals that offer relaxation for parents and extreme fun for kids.

Pack as light as possible

If you plan to walk around, make sure you are not lugging both your and your kids luggage. Kids will not want to walk far without a destination nor will they want to carry their own luggage.

Check the weather

Kids will complain if they are not properly dressed for rain or cold. It may be sunny year round, but you should check weather to make sure you have the right clothing.

Plan road trips in advance

Make sure you have road maps so that there is not bickering during the trip. Arguing over directions will surely sour the vacation and motivation to do various activities.

Pack Snacks

Pack snacks in advance to plan for your trip, especially perishable ones. Make sure everyone is satisfied for long airplane rides or car trips so that you do not have to go out of the way and stop. Stopping for food can hinder your chances to go sightseeing or can cut into your familys vacation time.


Search online for great travel deals. Buy airplane tickets in advance, but not too far in advance. The best deals come about when airlines are trying to fill up seats about a month in advance.