The world’s best booze tours

Traversing the globe quaffing the finest beers, wines and spirits known to mankind would be many people’s ultimate getaway.

Such an undertaking would certainly not be in the best interests of the liver, but chances are slim that travellers would pay much heed to health concerns when such an offer was on the table.

“Booze tourism, as it has become known, has become popular not only for the extensive opportunities to sample prize tipple, but become familiar with a country’s culture by studying the history of the liquor most enjoyed by its citizens.

Of course booze tourism also allows travellers to stock up on sought-after duty free alcohol during airport layovers, bringing an extra dimension to the travel experience.

What is interesting about liquor-themed travel is that many countries that are rated highly for these purposes would not necessarily feature on Top 10 Travel Destination lists otherwise. In a way, that makes them even more special, lending an air of the exotic to the experience.

Obviously, the most famous cities do have something to offer as well. It really is just a case of following the hops (or malt or grapes).

Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland

A prouder whisky tradition you would struggle to find anywhere in the world.

The distillery lies in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, and visitors are led through 19th century warehouses before being offered three drams of Glennfiddich’s finest.

Connoisseurs will quickly understand why the single-malt has racked up more awards than any other brand in the world.

Tequila Express, Mexico

All aboard for the time of your life (even if you may not remember it all).

The Tequila Express begins its journey at Guadalajara and winds its way 30km to Casa Herredura, where the world-famous Herradura Tequila is lovingly distilled.

Brave travellers are also invited to try a 100% alcohol iteration after traipsing through the estate’s agave fields. It is not specified whether they will be allowed back on the train, however.

Cape Winelands, South Africa

There are so many wine tours around the world, it is difficult choosing just one.

However, while South African wines may not be to everyone’s palate, no one could argue that the Cape Winelands boast among the picturesque vineyards in the world.

The close proximity of farms makes these tours especially pleasing, and the manner in which estate caters to its visitors is world-class.

Guinness, Dublin, Ireland

No booze tour list would be complete without making reference to the Irish juggernaut.

As CNN Travel explains: “As the thorough and at times interactive tour moves up each floor, visitors learn about the beer’s state-of-the-art brewing process, its ‘cooperage’ (barrel-making) and how it’s transported to more than 150 countries.

“Awaiting at the top is a pint of Guinness (certificate included) in the Gravity Bar, which affords visitors a 360-degree view of Dublin.

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