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The Rise of the Wander-Women (Infographic)

In the course of a few decades, women have made great strides in terms of education, workplace and social equality, overcoming no shortage of resistance along the way. And now they’re taking over the travel market, with more and more women setting out to explore the world on their own, from backpackers to professionals to those who are just independent.

According to Visa’s 2015 Global Travel Intentions, 20% of female travellers decided to go solo on their travels around the world last year. There is a generational element to this, as millennials want to travel abroad as much as possible, and over half of these solo female travellers are aged between 18 to 35 years. On the other hand, there is the fact that millennials are more tech-savvy than preceding generations, having been raised on the internet, and tech and online travel companies have simplified travel.

Take a look at the infographic below to discover the origins of this growing travel trend, and get some practical advice on how to plan your own adventures.

the rise of the wander women

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