The life of an Air Hostess

The life of an air hostess is not all about being pretty, and full of smiles. It takes a lot of dedication to work long shifts and to dealing with passengers who aren’t quite well behaved. The upside, however, is of cause the site seeing and flying off to different destinations. The life of a flight attendant can be rather lonesome when it comes to their social lives, because it’s basically non-existent.

The pros and cons

Every job comes with challenges, but it’s how you handle those challenges that make you who you are. The life of an air hostess has the advantage of seeing the world and being open to your perspective being changed with each destination. You get to fly to places that you maybe wouldn’t have gone to by yourself. And meeting different people from all walks of life opens you up to diversity in a manner that only people who travel often will understand.

The challenge comes when you need to make a lot of personal sacrifices. You exclude yourself from your personal life, not because it’s your job, but also because being a flight attendant has become your life. The job totally consumes you, you miss out on holidays where you might be working, anniversary celebrations, social life and weekends. There are many times where others could be resting at night but it may be your turn to work. You deal with difficult passengers and all you can do is basically smile and hand them duty free alcohol. This job requires a strong command of discipline.

The typical working day for a flight attendant

“We always follow a schedule, we don’t work the whole day, one also has some days off though most of the time the schedule is tight and not fixed. It keeps on changing, one could work over weekend and the next time work throughout; though you don’t work beyond 12 hours a day,says Teresa Umurungi, an air hostess with RwandAir.

Danger zones, maybe?

Being that up high in the sky, most of your days, doesn’t become scary, it becomes your life after a while and many flight attendants have seen it all.

Ex- Atlantic stewardess for Virgin, Mandy Smith, tells the scary tale of what she experienced before, “A male passenger had to be restrained by my crew on a flight from Barbados after he began assaulting passenger for no apparent reason. It took 10 of us to restrain him with zip ties and handcuffs. He still managed to try and set fire to his own seat with a cigarette lighter. The police, of course, were waiting for him when we landed at Gatwick Airport.

There is the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to flying, but all flight attendees want you, as the passenger to is relax and have a good time.

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