The Hotelicopter – An Amazing Way to Travel

The “Hotelicopteris an ingenious creation and present a truly unique method of travel.

A combination of the world’s biggest helicopter and the world’s first flying hotel, the company that is involved commenced work back in 2004 by modifying a Soviet-made Mil V-12.

As airlines such as British Airways and Etihad take possession of their Airbus A380’s this year, joining those quick off the mark such as Singapore Airlines and Qantas, we wonder who would be first in line to fly the Hotelicopter?

The helo features all the regular five star facilities and features including private entertainment systems, room service, spa treatments, yoga classes, gaming and a tea garden.


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Alas, it is not to be.  This clever concept which endured as an even cleverer hoax a few years back hasn’t yet made it off the drawing board.  But with commercial space travel already possible, maybe the real Hotelicopter isn’t too far away!

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