The Best Pubs to Hike to in the United Kingdom

Pubs are a definite must for anyone who plans on visiting the United Kingdom and enjoys good food, a swift half pint and a great atmosphere. And what better way to build up an appetite than enjoying a scenic hike between each one? Its a fantastic way to enjoy beautiful scenery and save yourself money as you wont be spending out on transport!

In London, there are a huge number of pubs some that are within walking distance of Heathrow airport parking , so its an idea to leave your car an extra couple of days in such a safe and secure location. Great pubs however are not restricted to London, they are all over. Here is a list of some of the best pubs across the United Kingdom that any backpacker should visit while there.

The Windmill is a cool little pub in Bristol that is a sister pub to The Pipe and Slippers and The Lazy Dog. All three are really cool spots to sit and have a pint while enjoying the local favorites. The Duke of Portland in Lach Dennis is a great village pub that has been nominated for a lot of awards. Its also renowned for using the freshest local ingredients in all the foods on its menu, so you can be sure to sample some great local flavours. The Hole in the Wall is a great pub in a small village called Little Wilbraham. Its a quintessential old British pub that serves local favorites and some rather strong beer! Clear your head with a wander around the village itself: its definitely worth a visit.

For travellers heading towards the metropolitan city of Manchester, who are looking to get away from the industrial hustle and bustle, dive into a local pub there for a whole different atmosphere. The Old Nags Head in Manchester is an awesome spot for those who love live music. Its conveniently located near Manchester airport parking , and is set back on Jacksons Row and Lloyd Street. Beware though, this one can be a little hard to find!

Or take a look at the antiquated gems of good old London town! De Hems Dutch Bar is a Dutch pub located in the centre of London in Chinatown. Its a funky little spot that is unique to the area. If youre a bit of a wine buff, youd soon be sorry you missed out on the almost never-ending wine list at Gordons Wine Bar. And while you enjoy the various varieties of grapey delights, youll sit in awe of the incredible surrounds here. After teetering down the steep, narrow staircase, youll find yourself in the cavernous depths of this underground wine bar. Candlelit alcoves etched into the ground throw you into an exciting world of historical memorabilia.

The Princess Louise is a restored Victorian style pub located in London not far from Stansted airport parking that is listed by many as one of the top five pubs in London. Its ornate and sumptuous interior is just one of the many reasons to visit. Last, but by no means least, The White Hart in Waterloo has one of the coolest atmospheres in the city. Its a small pub that is hidden back in the backstreets of Waterloo and is a great place to go to get away from the over visited clubs in the city to relax and enjoy a great beer.

So the next time you fancy stretching your legs a little, try visiting some of these refreshing spots! A great choice for anyone travelling on a shoestring but hungry for true, local culture.

CC David Clow