The apps you need for vacation

Taking technology enhanced applications on your trip could be seen as futile, as it is seen as a distraction from your trip. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually apps that can enhance your vacationing experience.  There are many apps out there that claim to be the best for your trip experience, but there are only a few that have come out tops each time.



Food lovers, this one’s for you. If your stomach refuses to process distasteful dishes, then take a look at the Foodspotting app. It has an array of food to choose from and will lead you directly to the master chef who will satisfy your craving. The app allows you to select specific foods and it then provides you with recommendations from locals.

Wi-Fi Finder

No matter what you do or where you are, if you always update your status on social media or have the urge to show your friends what you’re up to, then you are going to need  Wi-Fi Finder. Staying connected to the world wide web, for some is a necessary requirement – even on vacation. This app will direct you to the nearest available wi-fi hot spot. With this app you won’t have to fear  roaming charges on your cell phone bill. With luggage sets in hand, you can feel secure knowing you will always be connected.

Choice Hotels

Doing an online search for the best hotels can be a long process that is only going to keep you from getting other things done – like packing and booking your stay. With the Choice Hotels app you are able to sit a back and let it do the searching for you. The app fills out the process of finding, comparing and booking over 6,000 hotels across the world. The app provides lists of photos and user experiences from each destination.

JetLag Genie

Our internal body clock can’t beat the jet lag that awaits us after a long trip. The JetLag Genie helps you gradually get ready for the new time zone you’ll be traveling to. All you have to do is input your destination, the travel date, your usual bedtime and watch how this app  creates a schedule of alarm clocks so you gradually adjust to your new time zone leading up to your trip.

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