Ten Tips for Holidays in Singapore

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Ten Tips for Holidays in Singapore

1)When to Go: Singapore is a great destination year-round since climate is generally not as issue. Planning your vacation around a festival is a great time to go. In June, there is an event titled the Great Singapore Sale which is a must-see for shoppers.

2)Getting around: The bus system is fairly efficient in Singapore and a great option since a car is not always necessary (and rental cars and parking can be highly expensive). Bus routes are extensive to make it easy for you to reach all parts of the island during your vacation. The buses are generally clean, yet only some have air-conditioning. Trolleys are another option which are great for tourist trying to reach the major tourist destinations.

3)Emergency Numbers: Just in case, keep in mind the number for Police is 999 and medical or fire emergencies is 995
4)Currency: Singapores currency is Singapore dollars and cents. Exchanging foreign currency is easy, but some banks do not deal foreign currency on Saturdays.

5)Drinking Water: Drinking water is entirely safe from the tap.

6)Tipping: Tipping is generally unnecessary. A ten-percent service charge is added to most bills automatically. At the same time, leaving a few dollars for good service is expected.

7)Laws: Be extremely careful of the laws in Singapore. The punishments are very severe, especially for foreigners on vacation. Trafficking narcotics receives a punishment of death. Smoking in air-conditioned areas is illegal along with littering and jaywalking.

8)Tax: Both government and goods and services incur a 3% tax.

9)Formalities: Social interaction is very formal. Handshaking is normal, but when invited into a home, temple, or mosque, remove your shoes. Dress is informal, however.

10) Flight times: Expect a 14 hour flight from London and a 17 hour flight from Los Angeles.