Surfing in New Zealand

Image Source: Backpacker Guide NZ

Surfs up, dudes, dudettes, and beach-bums the world over! For the ultimate of all surfing experiences, a true dedicated surfer would absolutely have to ride the waves in New Zealand. Not only are the waters a dreamy blue, but the waves, well, they can satisfy both the beginning surfer, and the professional alike. Surfing can be found pretty much throughout the whole island, due to the low pressure systems surrounded much of the island, but there are truly only two very popular surfing spots in New Zealand. It is a wonder you are reading this, instead of buying your ticket for the pinnacle of ultimate adventures!

The colder of the two main surf spots in New Zealand is probably for the more dedicated of surfers that own wet suits. Definitely not a place to go in just a swim suit, the waters at Dunedin and Discourage are a little colder than you might expect. This is the South Island, and you will find that the colder water can make for wide open surf, so theres no worry of surfing on an over-occupied wave, especially if you steer clear of Christchurch, the more popular of the South Island surf spots.

Now, for the most popular spot for riding the waves is Raglan, at the North Island. The water is warm and inviting, much like the environment, also. Traveling Surf Highway 45 will bring you to the Taranaki Peninsula, which will guarantee more areas of surf rather than just settling for the surf at Raglan.

For surfing superiority, it would be wise to consider the excellent surf found around the island of New Zealand. Whether the warmer weather of North Island, or the more brisk weather of South island, youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for, as a surfing enthusiast.