Stylish comfort tips for when you fly

Sure, you could consider yourself excused for just slumming it in tracksuits pants when you fly, but it is style that separates the savvy flyer from the novice. That being said, we understand that comfort is also important when you fly.

With these tips it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Mix style and comfort

If you are on a 12 hour flight you want to give some priority to your comfort. Unless you’re Lady Gaga of course, who generally sticks to her extreme style but reportedly had to strip off in a 2010 incident on a flight from Heathrow to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis.

For the rest of us, it is best to choose an outfit that fits the requirements for both style and comfort.

Raid the duty free shop

You know what international flights are good for, right? A shopping trip at the duty free store. This is your chance to get great discounts on luxury designer goods and makeup. And you will feel pretty cool stepping off the plane with your newly acquired duty free sunglasses, and they do a great job at concealing haggard airplane eyes.

Dress for versatility

You are probably going to feel flushed as you dash through the airport but then feel the chill in the air-conditioned plane. And you destination might have a completely different climate! Dress in layers so you can easily and comfortably adapt your outfit to how you are feeling.

While we’re on the subject of comfort, wear light, breathable fabrics and avoid stiff, tight or itchy clothing.

Stick to necessities

This is not the time for clunky jewelry or unnecessary accessories. It’s just going to get in the way and make you feel burdened. Something like a scarf is great because it can be an added layer of warmth if you need, but a bunch of clanking bracelets will probably just annoy you after a while.

Stay moisturised

Travelling takes a toll on your skin so it needs some extra help during this time. You can thank air cabin pressure for that. Slather on an intense mosituriser the night before you fly to avoid parched skin.

Swop foundation for a tinted moisturiser

Wearing thick foundation on the plane is going to leave your skin feeling tight and dry. If you must cover up, stick to a light tinted moisturiser for the flight.

A quick wardrobe change is okay

A good tip for long overnight flights is to pack a pair of yoga pants and a comfortable t-shirt in your carry-on luggage. You can wear this more comfortable outfit during the flight and change back into your more stylish outfit before you land. The change of clothes will also help you feel fresher when you step off the plane.

Walk the walk

Finally, walk off the plane oozing confidence and style. Heads will turn as people wonder if you are a celebrity in their midst.

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