Staycation: Have Fun Exploring Your Own City

A staycation doesnt mean having to snorkel in the bathtub or stay indoors watching television. You can spend your vacation in your hometown and still have fun. Life can be so busy that it is hard to take the time to enjoy the activities and destinations in your own backyard. By staying at home on your next vacation, you can save money on hotel stay and still create family memories for years to come.

Here are tips to enjoy your staycation:

Plan Ahead
Schedule your vacation around festivals and events in your hometown. Whether it is a local music festival, theater event or food festival scheduling your vacation in advance can give you the opportunity to enjoy local events.

Natural Resources
Most areas have natural resources to enjoy, right in their own backyard. This might be a local lake to fish on, mountain to hike on, or trails to bike on. Read the tour guides on your area to find the destination spots that other people come to town for.

Culinary Treats
Explore your cities culinary delights. Pick a new restaurant to try every day of your vacation. Dress up one night and go to the cities finest, try fish and chips on the pier the next. Get out of your routine by going somewhere new and experiencing what your cities top chefs have to offer.

Enjoy the best of your city by visiting the local art museum, science center or history museum. For kids, check out a hands on childrens museum where they can touch the displays and interact with each other.

Park Tour
Visit the local parks and find the best playground. Drive around until you have found the best slide around.

Camp out
Set up a tent in the backyard and build a campfire. Roast marshmallows, tell stories and stay up watching the stars. The kids will love it and as a bonus you can still use the shower.

Turn Off the Phone
The best part of a vacation can be getting away from it all. Turn off the phone and take away the iPads. Focus on simply spending time as a family that is uninterrupted by the To Do list.

You can have a fun vacation regardless of where you are. Spend time with those you love, and tell everyone else you left so that you can block out the noise and demands of life to enjoy your staycation.