Sightseeing tips for Thailand

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1)The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a must-see place for those on holidays and vacations. It was created by the first king in the 18th century in the Chakri dynasty. The royal family does not use the temple as a home, but the royal apartments are still closed to the public. The Temple of the Emeral Buddha (Wat Phra Keo) is open for visitors. Foreigners must pay an entry fee of about 8 dollars. There is no photography in the building.

2)Wat Jetuphon

Known as Wat Po, Wat Jetuphon was created in the 16th century making it the oldest temple in Bangkok. The temple is located just south of the Grand Palace, making it a great destination after the Grand Palace.

3)See the hidden treasures

The Jim Thompson House Museum is a merely Jim Thompsons house, a man who grew to appreciate all things Thai in architecture and arts. He was in Thailand as part of the CIA towards the end of World War II. His house shows a lot of architectural history.

Lumpini Park is where a lot of the locals go. There are tons of structures with Asian architecture influences and some gorgeous trees.

4)And more temples

Wat Arun is a temple that has been around longer than Bangkok has been the capital of Thailand. A ferry ride away from Wat Po, one can also rent a long-tailed boat for two hours. The boat ride and tour of the canals will let you see what life in Bangkok was like before they filled the canals. The temple itself is best to see in the morning when the sun hits the temple and the light reflects off the water.

Thailand is full of temples and each has its own beauty and history. Check out a full list of temples to plan which ones you wish to see on your vacation.