Sailing in Auckland

Image Source: Explore NZ

Ahoy, matey! If it is one thing you are going to find in Auckland, it is sailing. Prior to the colonialization of Auckland, the original inhabitants of this land were known for their seafaring ways, and, as it would seem, nothing has changed one bit. Not that anyone is counting, but more than 70,000 powerboats and sailing vessels can be found around the Greater Auckland area. Sources will say that that will be approximately one boat for every four households. With a vast one hundred and two beaches within one hour of the heart of the city, you could be sure that sailing has got to be a major attraction to the locals, and visitors alike. Waitemata Harbour and the waters surrounding are exactly what the Maori name would suggest. It is a sea of sparkling waters.

Many have come to Auckland for the sole purpose of sailing. Others, with a similar purpose, take to the more adventurous route, and get in some of the best deep sea fishing to be found anywhere around the globe! Its no wonder that you cant even turn one corner of Auckland, and not find a sailing school of some sort, whether it be motor, or the more classical, and in most cases appreciated, actual sailing, with sails and all.

For the true sailing enthusiast, sailor preferred, do not make the mistake of overlooking such a beautiful area like Auckland While catching that great tan aboard one of the many ships, be sure to take in some whale watching, and maybe feed a dolphin or two. You can be sure that there couldnt possibly be any greater place in the world to fulfill your passion for sailing, than to visit the beautiful ocean blues of the great land of Auckland!