RVs – A new kind of holiday

Festive season is fast approaching. Sadly, what’s meant to be a time of joy and relaxation so often becomes a time of frustration as people get caught up in the commercial hype. Thousands of South Africans ascend on the country’s shopping malls, beaches are choc-a-bloc and traffic is a nightmare. Bottom line: People are everywhere. But there is hope for solitude. And it comes from the most unlikely of places – a road trip in a motorhome.

While recreational vehicles (RVs) have historically been an American thing, the RV community is growing in South Africa. And why shouldn’t it? Exquisite scenery, a decent infrastructure and some fantastically isolated locations means that South Africa is ideal for a motorhome getaway.

A standard RV setup usually includes a kitchen, bathroom and some sleeping facilities. However, as enthusiasm grows in the country, vehicle manufacturers are catering for increasing numbers of personalised and fully customised vehicles. Dining rooms, vanity closets, Jacuzzis and even multiple story vehicles can now be seen on RVs across the country. Of course, you don’t need this level of luxury to get away. If the idea of spending time on the open road and parking off at a secluded spot along the coast is an enticing one, then a standard RV offers plenty-enough comfort.

If you’re new to the RV scene then you’re in for a treat. The versatility of the vehicle makes every inch of the country, a viable holiday spot. Some spots do boast a touch more about them than others. If you’re from the south of the country, then the Garden Route beckons. Vast stretches of untouched beach, a multitude of wine farms and quaint vineyards, undulating mountain passes and picturesque national parks make the Garden Route a motor homing paradise. Further north, the Drakensberg offers incredible views and all-year warm weather, while the Kruger National Park is renowned for game viewing that’s second to none.

So just how does one go about getting into the RV scene? Well, firstly you’ll need a passion for relaxation. It sounds like an obvious one, but the RV lifestyle is all about taking it parking off. Literally. If solitude and isolation scare you, then an RV probably isn’t right for you. Ideally, you need to be somewhat nomadic in your approach to a getaway – a fan of finding places off the beaten track. Next you’ll need the vehicle. Here, it’s all about taste. An entry level RV will set you back about R265 000, while one with more luxurious specs will be upwards of R600 000. Thankfully there are plenty of pre-owned cars kicking about and one just has to do a bit of research to find a hidden gem or two.

So the next time the hub-hub of the festive season approaches, just remember that RV doesn’t only stand for recreational vehicle, but relaxing vacation.

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