Rural Ireland Breaks

Image Source: Disabled Holidays

Rural Ireland Breaks include a variety of destinations, but are most likely more low key than a traditional vacation setting. For a beautiful, quiet and rural vacation setting, choose County Limerick. The landscape is breathtaking with Ballyhoura Mountains as well as the Golden Vale. A stream of beautiful towns surround the area including Adare and Castleconnell. Visit many of the elaborate churches. Located on the River Shannon, the Atlantic Ocean is a few miles away. The thriving vacation spot for breakers is progressive in that it offers something for every traveler.

Whether you choose rural or traditional break options, packages are always available to make traveling more easy on your pocketbook. Choose trips that offer food accommodations as well as lodging and travel. Another great tip is choosing to take your holiday on off peak times so to get the most for your money. The local area is beautiful no matter the time of year. Take in the beautiful setting with less hectic of energy flowing through the city.

Adare, amongst County Limerick, houses the Castleview House, which is a breathtaking home among the gardens of the town. Many locals claim that this is the most beautiful city in the entire country. Horseback riding, golfing as well as other accommodations are available. With only 3 rooms, this rural, quiet, yet enjoyable break will give travelers everything they need to clear their head, have fun, and enjoy their time off of work! Ireland has something for everyone; look to the Irish for your next break.