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Running your own B&B

ave you ever been to a Bed & Breakfast and wished you could just stay there forever? Well, if you started your own B&B you could do just that. Think about it for a few moments. You would have all the benefits of home life and all the amazing perks of B&B life. Of course, running your own B&B isn’t the easiest job in the world. But if you do decide to open your own Bed & Breakfast, here are a few tips to help you out.

Get to know your guests – People choose cozy B&Bs over bigger hotels because they want a more personal and comfortable experience. Try and make an effort to be there to meet your guests when they arrive. And if you have a bigger place, try to at least eat breakfast with the guests in the morning. It will give you an opportunity to make small talk. A friendly and relaxed environment will make guests want to return.

Treat regular guests like friends – On that note, when guests return regularly make an effort to learn their names and a little bit about them. Asking about their demanding jobs or their teenage daughter (who refuses to join them) will make them feel special.

Encourage word of mouth – Offer guests a discount on their next stay if they recommend you to a friend or bring along others on their next visit. Word of mouth is an important tool in advertising your B&B. Of course, you should also invest in other forms of marketing for your B&B.

Ask about their dietary needs – There’s nothing worse for a B&B owner than finding out first thing in the morning that a guest is a vegan or is allergic to gluten and having nothing but an apple to serve them for breakfast. You also don’t want to serve a meal with peanuts in it to a guest with a terrible allergy. Ask them about their dietary requirements when they call to book their accommodation.

Ask for feedback – Keep a guest register in each room and add a comments section where guests can write down what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about their stay. It may be horrible reading negative feedback, but it will help you improve your business and make sure that no other guests walk away feeling the same.

Keep your staff happy – Your staff interact with the guests the most, so it’s important that they really love working for you. Their first priority has to be pleasing the guests. So, spend some time with them, make sure they get proper training, and listen to any of their work-related concerns. Most of all, make sure you pay them on time – organise a debit order if you’re scared you might forget.

If you dream about opening a quaint country-side Bed & Breakfast, these tips should help you make a success of your small business. Of course, the most important part is to let yourself enjoy the experience.


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