road trip

Road tripping made easy

Deciding to go on a road trip with family or friends always seems like a great idea at first. Road trips always start off being chaotic and then slowly, as the drive continues, the excitement of being on holiday kicks in. Before you get in your vehicle to see what this glorious country has to offer, do a good amount of preparation to ensure you have all you need before you drive off.

Shop around for accommodation deals

Some travelers prefer to keep their road trip plans free from any set commitments as they prevent you from experiencing the adventure of going where the road takes you. This may be a freeing thought, but it can also be an idea that will land you in the middle of nowhere. Avoid taking the “we’ll drive until we’re tiredapproach and stick to at least having two set destinations in mind. With these destinations in mind, you’ll have to book at hotels or camping sites ahead of time. Those pre owned Volkswagens may take you anywhere your heart desires, but will also need time out. By booking ahead of time, you give yourself the option of setting up a proper budget rather than having to settle for whatever you find at the next exit.

Keep the cooler loaded

Stock the cooler box with road trip snacks and beverages for picnic lunches. You will be saving money in the process, rather than standing in the candy aisle at the petrol station. You will need healthy foods on the road with you, as they will keep you satisfied for longer. Rather than stopping at a fast food restaurant, while you’re making your way to your destination, be on the lookout for parks, rest stops, beaches and scenic overlooks, all of which make perfect picnic spots.

Find fun activities to do along the way

Do a search online for budget friendly attractions that you may find along the way. All it takes is planning a little bit ahead of time and then getting creative. Beaches are your best budget-friendly option and they also make a great setting to have that picnic lunch you brought along. Consider making a stop at the local museums in the area and also historical spots. Learning something new about the place you’re in can never be taken away from you. If the town you’re passing through has a visitor center or tourism office, then stop by to check if they have guided walking tours or maps which will lead you on an exploration of the area. Make the best of where you go and remember to take plenty of photographs.


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