Road Trip Rules

Its almost fall, and many parents and students will soon be heading off to college. For others, fall is a great time to do a bit of traveling. Regardless of your reasons for hitting the road, fall is a great time to go on a road trip. Its less hot and uncomfortable than traveling in high summer, and the roads are often less crowded.

If youre embarking on a road trip in the coming weeks, here is a quick list of dos and donts that will serve you well on any road trip.

DO bring a physical map and atlas. Sure, the GPS on your phone or dashboard unit is great but it never hurts to have a backup. After all, some of those GPS apps can be unreliable.

DONT forget to bring a roadside emergency kit. You should have water, blankets, extra auto fluids, a first aid kit, a tire iron and spare tire, road flares, and a flashlight at the bare minimum.

DO bring snacks and beverages. A hungry driver is a cranky driver. High-protein road snacks like jerky or nuts are good at staving off hunger. Thats key, because you dont want to have to stop at a sketchy roadside diner just because youre starving! Pack water, and take it easy with the caffeinated drinks: You dont want to be stopping for bathroom breaks every 50 miles.

DONT be a radio hog. If youre listening to music, make sure its something everyone in the car can agree on. Otherwise, things are gonna get tense in a hurry.

DO travel off the beaten path. Take local roads instead of the highways for at least part of your trip. Youll be amazed at the sights you stumble upon.

DONT skimp on gas. When you hit the pumps, fill up. You never know when a wrong turn will take you 60 miles from the nearest service station.

DO play road games. Highway bingo or find the license plate are great games to relieve the monotony of being on the road.

DONT freak out if you get lost. Getting lost is how most great road trip stories start!

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