Reducing Carbon Emissions

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If you dont have the money for the Toyota Prius, your second choice can be to find wheels with the new regulations standards on carbon emissions in the rides. Many car makes and models have the standards needed to meet emission guidelines. A good source to look to for these would be Consumer Reports or Car & Driver magazines, depending on your driving needs and use.

If you live in a local where driving isnt an option, public transits a great way to travel. Trains usually run on time and get you to your local fairly quickly. Trains also run on electricity so theres no emissions concerning the planets ionosphere. Buses have been outfitted with new engines and exhaust systems to ensure less pollution emitted in the air in accordance to federal standards. Gas and other fuel components are cleaner and less crude oil heavy for vehicles that must be on the road are emitting cleaner smoke, as it were. Even taxis, ice cream trucks, sightseeing buses and novelty vehicles are more carbon emissions efficient with the updated and enforced emission guidelines.

If none of these ways of travel appeal to you, the best way to ensure you emit less carbon into the planets atmosphere is under ones own power. Walk, bike, or roller blade to wherever you have to be. Exercise is involved, youre out in the air and sunshineor a warm rain or an amazing snowstormits virtually free and youre doing two bodies goodyours and the planets.