Planning a Family Holiday

Image Source: Psychologies

1)Plan in advance: Its easier to find time if you plan it in advance. Make the date stick on your calendar months in advance and dont allow anyone to book anything during that time.

2)Use any vacation time: Most people take vacations during the summer, but students often get off during the winter which is a great time to take a trip to a place with a lot of sun, or a mountainous place for skiing.

3)Pack your bags beforehand: Make sure yours and your kids bags are packed at least 24 hours before the trip. This way you will not forget anything. An hour before leaving make sure to pack all the toiletries and electronics for carry-on.

4)Packing the camera: If you take a digital camera, pack it one day in advance and no more. This ensures that you will have full battery power for your trip.

5)Arrange for a neighbor or friend to come to the house: If you receive a daily newspaper, make sure someone is around to pick it up for you, along with your mail. Thieves can see when families are on vacation if they have a bulging mailbox.

6)Maps and documents: If you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure you have yours and your kids passports. Be sure to take all maps and guide books so that you dont have to worry about finding out what to do while youre there.

7)Look for reward opportunities: Disney offers a rewards card that can help pay for the family trip over time. While it may take time to accrue the points, buying everyday items will help you accumulate the money for your Disney vacation. Other vendors offer similar incentives for family vacations to use their credit card.