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Plan the perfect “Staycation”

Sometimes you just really need a holiday. You’ve been stressed out at work and you haven’t spent any proper time with the family in a while. All in all, you just really need to take a family vacation. But you don’t have the time. You can’t afford to take two weeks off to fly to a seaside resort on the other side of the world. But just because you can’t leave the country, it doesn’t mean you have to stay home.

A staycation is the perfect way to get away without actually (you know) getting away. You get all the perks of a holiday without the price or time of long-distance travel. Here’s how to plan the perfect staycation…

Pick a location – It could be a tent in your back yard, which the kids will love. But it could also be a far more luxurious experience. If you live in Cape Town suburbia, why not book a room at a hotel in Greenpoint? Of course, it has to be close to home but it should also be completely different to home.

Be a tourist in your home town – You know those popular tourist attractions that are packed every December? It’s time to get out there and experience them. If you can, book a day tour of the city. Seeing your hometown through the eyes of a visitor will completely change your perspective.

Don’t contact home – Yes, you’re in the same city as your friends and you could technically take them up on that dinner invitation, but you shouldn’t. If you want to get the full effect of a staycation you have to pretend you’re in another country. And, most importantly, do not call your office “just to check how things are going.

Get pampered – No one should ever doubt that a good massage can help ease stress. So, send the kids off to do something child-friendly and go visit a spa for a few hours. It’s guaranteed to make you feel like you’re really on vacation.

Act like you’re going far away – Okay, so you won’t need to apply for visas or get your passport ready. And one of the great things about a staycation is that you have very little to prepare. But get excited like you’re going on an island holiday or a 2 week cruise. Psych yourself up as though this is a big adventure.

You don’t have to go far away to enjoy a vacation. You can have a great time not far from home. The trick is to take yourself out of the mindset of being at home.

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