Places To Visit After The Kids Are In College

Image Source: Traveling Mom

This is a given: Any places that dont allow in persons under 21 years old!

But seriously, when the kids have left home, so can their parentsliterally. Theres no rule to say they need to keep the house once the kids are grown and gone. The empty nesters can rent an RV and see parts of the country they hadnt had time, energy or money to do with before when the kids were living at home. How cool would it be to drive an RV from somewhere in New York State straight to Alaska, going partially through Canada? Amazing!

Consider taking a backpacking/caravan/cycling/motobike trip across the European continent. The start could be in Spain and conclude in Sweden or on the easternmost end of Russias Black Sea. The sights taken in and the postcards sent back home (and the different stamps youd get in your passport, too) would be an heirloom keepsake for the grandkids, no doubt.

And, this is the time to allow those deep-seated fantasies to surface, now the children are gone. Have you ever wanted to visit Disney World by yourselves? Now you can! Have you ever considered selling the house and working your way through the African or Asian continents? Thats an idea, too.

Wouldnt all that togetherness bother the couple? Not necessarilyif the marriage is strong to start with. Sure, youre best friend, but even best friends have a fightand they let the other be for a time until cooler heads prevail. Traveling together can allow these opportunities to present themselves when the kids are no longer around. And the making up can be as rambunctious as the two of you want it to bealmost as loud as the row that started it just a while before!