Places to Go on Your Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii is one of the top vacation spots in the entire world. Tourists love to visit the islands and enjoy the beautiful scenery, great weather and laid back atmosphere. But if you only have one chance to go on a Hawaii vacation, here are some must see attractions that you simply cannot miss.

Helicopter Tours

Most of the islands in Hawaii have a helicopter tour company that will take you hundreds or even thousands of feet in the air, so you can get a birds eye view of the famous volcanoes and other sites of Hawaii. If you can only pick a few things to do during your Hawaii vacation, this should be one of them.

Watching the Sunrise

Haleakala National Park is a favorite place for tourists because it offers great visions of the night sky. You can also find places in the mountains where you can look out above the clouds and watch the sun rise. Its one of the things that you absolutely cannot miss while you are visiting this state.

Big Island Lava Flow

If you can get to the Big Island around the time of sunset, you can often see lava flowing into the ocean. This is truly an unforgettable experience. Its best to get there when the sun is going down because the heat from the lava makes it glow exuberantly. But the suns rays can often lessen the color contrast so timing your visit just right is important for optimal enjoyment.

These three places to visit on your Hawaii vacation will make your stay one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have.