Pickpocket Proof Pants

I first met one of the founders of Clothing Arts at a book launch for a friend who I met in Israel. One of the first things you immediately notice as a fashion lover and a world traveler is the curious layout of buttons along the side of the pants.

After my friends launch was over, she introduced me to one of the creators and he began to wow me with his demonstration of how items during your travels can be safely tucked away while youre on vacation. Imagine no longer having to dig into your waist or pull your valuables out of your shirt. Pick-Pocket Proof Pants literally puts security back in the hands of the traveler and lets you choose one, two or even three layers of protection between your wallet and the world!

Our passports are possibly one of the most treasured items while in a foreign country, but you dont wanna walk around with it in your pocket due to slick pick pockets who could have your identify and purchase DVDs and electronics before you even finish your dessert. With these Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, theres a secret passport and money pocket. Each pants comes equipped with all-around zippers for protection against picked pockets, cut resistant pockets constructed with double thick fabric and durable thread, expandable cargo pockets that grow to fit your guidebook, dual front Smartphone pockets designed for righties and lefties, attachable bottle holding pocket to keep water close at hand and last but not least, each pant is wrinkle, rain & stain resistant fabric.

These are essential for the world traveller, just head over to clothingarts.com to shop. Pack these for your next trip and travel with a sense of calm and ease.