Pet Friendly Hotels For You And Fido

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My wife told me that if I wanted her to stay I had to quit drinking I said OK. She said I had to quit smoking I said OK. She said I had to quit running around with pretty young women and stay home from that bar I said OK. She said I had to get rid of Ol Blue, my hunting dogLord, Im gonna miss that woman.
This old joke reveals how a lot of us feel about leaving a precious dog behind when we go on vacation. While there are kennels to board them or friends and family to check on them or take them in, its not the same. They worry when we are apart just as humans do, but cant understand that it is only temporary. It is naturally much better for the dog and for us to find pet friendly hotels and bring our best friends along!

What are some of the national chains that not only accept but in some cases cater to dogs? The Best Western Hotels; The Fairmont Hotels; Choice Hotels; Affinia Hotels; Loews Hotels. There are many more, but they are not the huge chains that you can find in or near most big cities. Do your homework, and check out the area you plan to go.

What hotels allow your dog to stay? Which ones go above and beyond, with staff to walk your buddy; a play area for your dog and others to socialize; a friendly bowl of water and a milk bone or two? In short, which hotel offers your dog a good time?

While hotels may welcome your dog, it is important you have done your job as a pet parent to prepare for travel:

  • Is your pal legal? Do you have a dog license, proof of shots, a recent check-up, and the name and number of your vet? Does your dogs collar have his name, your name, your phone numbers (cell, too), and do you have a recent picture of him in your wallet in case of separation? Perish the thought, but it could happen, so be prepared.
  • Does your pal smell bad? When was the dogs last bath? Is there a chance of fleas? Does he regularly get checked for fleas and ticks? When was his last grooming? Has he had his toenails trimmed, or could he damage carpets or upholstery? Are his teeth healthy and clean? Have you brought along any special medicines, sprays or lotions prescribed for your dog? Have you brought a strong lead, his food and a dish for food and water? Did you bring his treats? How would you like it if he forgot your treats.
  • Does your pal travel well? Did you get meds from the vet if he gets car sick? Will he bark if he hears other guests and dogs at night? Does he howl? Is he aggressive with other pets? Does he jump on people to say Hi! even if they do not know him or you? Are you a well-trained pet parent, or is he a well-trained dog? Who is in charge?

Many hotels are glad to give pets a chance, because they dont cause disruption with wild parties, treat the staff rudely, steal towels or linens, or try to get the bill reduced. Make sure your dog is a joy to have around, and dont give the hotel any reason to change their policy. Then well sing that Lobo song: Me and you and a dog named Boo, traveling and living off the I love being a free man.