Packing Tips For Travel

All my bags are packed, Im ready to go
While you may not be Leaving On A Jet Plane like the Peter, Paul & Mary song suggests, if you are going to go away on any mode of transportation for more than over night, a properly packed bag is a time saver and hassle helper!

If you are responsible for the family packing everything they will need and not bringing the family turtle in the luggage, using these 5 simple questions will help you pack each bag quickly and efficiently. Lets get cracking, so you can get packing

  • Where are you going? What is the climate of the place you are traveling to? Are you headed into snowy mountains, rainy and foggy foreign cities, tropical beaches, painted deserts, sunny southern states, cool crisp northern countries, or will you be stuck in heartland humidity? Is it summer, fall, winter or spring? Will you leave one and arrive in another? Pack for weather comfort! The Weather Channel and the internet will tell you all you need to know.
  • Why are you going? Is this business or pleasure? Do you need business suits or bathing suits? To dress for success, watch your fabric typessome fabrics wrinkle terribly. Bring a travel iron along, and look for easy care fabrics when you shop for business clothes. A smart outfit will make you look like one smart cookie! Dont forget to bring a dress for an evening out, but a conservative one; likewise, lets keep the more vampy shoes at home. If you are a man reading this, consider yourself lucky that you dont have to worry about showing too much leg or wearing hooker shoes. But of course you must look good, too. Neat, not rumpled, stylish suit, pressed pants with a sharp crease, dark socks and stylish shoes (not Nike sneakers!) and a well chosen tie with no food stains. Packing for pleasure trip covered next!
  • Who are you going with? When it comes to family vacations, these packing tips for travel become even more important! Line up the suit cases, and pack one item at a time in each bathing suit? Check! Play clothes? Check? Nice clothes for dinner out? Check! It is my FIRM belief that each family member should have a small kit with a new toothbrush, travel toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, emery board, travel brush and comb. These can be packed well in advance and not forgotten. Also new should be make-up, razors, lotion and after shave. You can finish the old stuff when you come back and then use up the vacation supply. It is also smart to pack 2 extra pairs of underwear for kids, one extra outfit, sanitary supplies for girls and Kleenex for the whole bunch. Sunscreen if you will be outside, even if it isnt at the beach! Appropriate pain relievers and stomach remedies could save the day, so have them on hand, as well as necessary medications. A thorough list of each persons medications, what they are for, allergies and medical histories, as well as doctors numbers and emergency contacts provide that extra measure of protection. God forbid you need it!
  • How are you going? By family car, rented car, Winnebago, bus, train, plane or covered wagon, every mode has its own difficulties with storage. Smart packing and limiting bags will help in all cases, but remember the security check points, and have your bags organized for easier inspection. Every public transportation mode for cross-country travel (or further!) has lists of what is forbidden to carry. Comply completely with these lists. You will be glad you did!
  • How long will you be gone? In addition to having someone get your mail, turn on and off the lights and TV, water plants and feed the fish, you may need to check for laundry facilities at your destination. All the best packing tips for travel cannot tell you how to pack for four people for three weeks without being able to wash clothes. If a special doll or toy or pillow is a cant live without necessity, check for it every day. Have the kids write or draw pictures about what they do and where they go, so they remember more easily back home. Get them disposable cameras, and teach them how to use them then develop the film at home, and help them start a scrapbook!

It isnt the same as the throwing together of a knapsack as a teen and hitting the road, but this type of packing helps provide less worries for your travel.